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Agriculture: What Lies Ahead in 2016?

Many people involved in agriculture are concerned about what 2016 has in store for them economically and for their behavioral/emotional well-being.

How can agricultural operations be profitable this year?

Agricultural profitability is difficult to predict for 2016 because every producer’s situation is different and there is little certainty how the weather, markets, and other uncontrollable factors will […]

Searching for a Ranch? Where to Begin

When you set out to buy a ranch, you are committing to a serious investment. Several decisions made in your planning stages can go a long way in making sure you find the perfect property. Will your ranch will be used primarily as a getaway for your family or will the land use be for […]

Live in the Middle: Bandera, Kerrville & Medina

Searching for the perfect ranch property in Texas can be a long and arduous journey with much to consider about the area you choose. If you plan to live full time on your ranch, the decision can involve many other considerations about the town itself. What if you could find a property right in the […]

Texas Ranch Land Management for Winter

When it comes to ranch land management the term “ongoing project” is often an understatement. For those who enjoy the diversity of tasks that comes with ranch ownership, the winter months are often the best time to get a jump on things. At the forefront, is proper land management, as it is the land that […]

Land Prices: How Does Oil Factor In?

Since the first major gusher of the Texas Oil Boom, Lucas at Spindletop on January 10, 1901 in Beaumont, Texas, the Texas oil industry has played a major role in the state’s economy. The newly discovered oil provided substantial financial gain to landowners and contributed to the general commerce of the state. Variations in oil […]

Searching For Farm & Ranch Land? Consider This

Buying a farm or ranch should be a fun and exciting endeavor. Remember, the process is about you achieving your dreams, your desires, and your goals. Premier Texas Ranch Land will help you find just the right property for your requirements. Here are some points to consider when you search for land.

Land Use
Decide what you […]

Investing in a Texas Deer Lease

Deer hunting is big business in Texas. Hunting leases continue to be a constant source of revenue for many Texas land-owners following cycles in the agriculture and petroleum sectors.

Texas landowners hold a unique position. Unlike many other states, Texas has little federally or state-owned land available for public hunting. Thus, private landowners control the major […]