When you set out to buy a ranch, you are committing to a serious investment. Several decisions made in your planning stages can go a long way in making sure you find the perfect property. Will your ranch will be used primarily as a getaway for your family or will the land use be for income through cattle, mineral rights or hunting leases? You may choose to invest in a particular ranch for many reasons. You might be drawn to the history of the land or town. You might want to hunt, raise horses or spend time with family in a beautiful rural setting.  Even if you plan for your ranch to be primarily for fun, not business, your ranch should still be able to create enough income to cover maintenance.

Research knowledgeable sources, ask questions and listen to their opinions. Also, search for ranches on the market and visit the ones that pique your interest. Jim Pendley is a leader in sales with Phyllis Browning with vast experience in ranch land sales and can be a valuable asset in your search. Call Jim to make an appointment (210) 386-5127. He will help pinpoint the best properties for your needs. Then visit possible properties and explore the surrounding towns and attractions – anything that contributes to the character and your enjoyment of the area.

Given the proper planning, due diligence, and utilizing great resources like Jim Pendley, you will be certain to choose the right property for a sound investment.